Moving past my broke back camel.

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There is the temptation to sort through all the “straws that broke the camel’s back”, but that would leave me stalled at the point of break down.  I need to move past that point.

I remember Hannukah at a friend’s home where we played a game in which we said “I am leaving Mitzraim and I’m going to take with me___________.  Like the 12 days of Christmas each person would recite their choice along with those of every person before them.  Some choices were purely sentimental, such as bringing the cat.  Some were more practical, like a compass to negotiate the desert.  So moving forward, what shall I take with me on this journey and what will be left behind?

I thnk it begins with an examination of the biblicals laws.  Yes, all 613 commandments!  I have always felt that God would not give us commandments and then say “Nevermind”.  So what are we to make of the Torah commandments?  I know before I start that many are directed at the priesthood.  Without the temple those 100-200 commandments cannot be upheld.  What place should the remaining laws take in the life of a believer?

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