613 minus ……discovering the Chafetz Chayim.

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My unscientific counts of commandments pertaining to the Temple, the priests, and sacrifices was a whopping 176.  Then there’s 4 about the King….which we don’t have.    Okay not such a whopping number, but that brings us to 429. There about 25 about the courts or judges which are not for the individual: down to 404.  Still a bunch!

So I did some research.  In my internet travels I discovered Cahfetz Chayim.

According to Chaftez Chayim,  there are 77 positive and 194 negative commandments that can be observed today, of which there are 26 commands that only apply to those within the Land of Israel.

So of the remainder which ones are still problematic in our modern world?   I still have have a few.  One is not to cross breed species  (No mules for you!)  The there’s the whole not neutering your male animals which gives me visions of cat hoards!  Then there’s not planting the seeds of more than one plant together and not marrying a non-jew.  Most mystifying is destroying of the decendants of Amalek  not that I would know who they are……

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