Why your pastor isn’t a Rabbi.

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I have noticed lately the tendency in Messianic congregations to call their leaders Rabbi. Some of these leaders are not only untrained rabbinically, but they are not trained by any seminary. The response I get when I point this out if that the Hebrew word means teacher. By that standard you should all be calling me Rabbi. I at least have a degree to teach. But I digress.
The creation fo a “Rabbi” began at least 73 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus when the formulation of Rabbinic law was codified. As opposed to Levitical priests the Rabbi was a person trained like a lawyer to make decisions on application of the law among the people.
Here’s the problem to everyone except Messianics; a Rabbi is someone who has been trained in Halacha of Jewish law. They may or may not be a congregational leader. You only need to web search to see this is how most Jewish people view the practice. If Messianic congregations are at all interested in outreach to actual Jews calling your pastor a Rabbi is deceptive. When you call him Rabbi, to a Jew that’s just a lie.


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